Professional Medical Billing


We practice billing so you can practice medicine.


Our highly trained staff not only handle your billing but they take care of physician credentialing, coding, audit report management and patient customer service.


Watch your bottom line grow due to increased reimbursements through effective coding and billing practices. All while protecting yourself from fraud and abuse.


We define success the way you do, based on actual dollars collected per patient rather than on collection percentages. The result is improved cash flow for you.

What you should know about PMB

PMB goes above and beyond standard medical billing services. We are a medical reimbursement management company that sub-specializes in optimizing revenue and cash flow for independent fee-for-service physician groups. We focus on serving a certain type of practice: independent, fee-for-service physician groups. As a result, we understand your needs. This sub-specialization delivers an unsurpassed level of billing and compliance knowledge making PMB a profitable alternative to less specialized billing services. Today's physicians face significant economic challenges as government programs, managed care networks, and private insurers continue to seek ways to reduce your payments for medical services. PMB will help you manage your financial future, stay focused on patient care and feel confident that you are collecting appropriate revenue, all while adhering to compliance regulations. You will find comfort in knowing that once you complete the patient chart PMB will handle the rest.

Founded and privately owned by ER physicians, PMB has been in the medical reimbursement management business for over 30 years. We are proud to be a trusted multi-specialty reimbursement partner to more than 750 physicians across multiple states. We remove a layer of processing and build layers of quality into physician-driven reimbursement systems. Our focus is on our clients, not marketing. Therefore the PMB professional who evaluates and negotiates your contract will be the same professional who will manage your contract. As a result, physicians can stay focused on patient care and feel confident they are collecting appropriate revenue while adhering to compliance regulations.

Linda Pearce has lead PMB as the President and CCO since 2002. Linda is a trusted business adviser with over 25 years in the in the healthcare industry. She assures that all billing and coding services are performed in accordance with PMB’s strict compliance program. Linda works with physicians and office staff regarding compliance coding and documentation standards. She monitors on-going changes with government and commercial insurance as it applies to healthcare reimbursement.

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Services we provide for you

Outsourcing your medical billing is a big decision. PMB is proud to be a full service medical reimbursement management company. We offer client based digital solutions allowing for custom reporting, ongoing audits, and continuous error reduction. Unlike our competition, all of our services are included.

Certified Coding

PMB's expert team of AAPC, AHIMA and specialty-certified coders review the patient documentation and assign accurate CPT, ICD and HCPCS codes to assure error-free claims submissions.

Medical Billing

Our flexible and personalized billing setup and service will streamline your billing cycle. We will assist you with fee schedule optimization, coordinate daily acquisitions of accurate billing information with medical staff, and manage all inquiries from patients and payers via a toll-free number. We take care of sending your claims to Medicare, Medicaid or the appropriate commercial insurance provider. Denied claims are handled by our knowledgeable claims follow-up team to insure you get paid. Payments are directly deposited into the client's bank lock box allowing your money to start working for you immediately.


We provide information and advice for insurance contract negotiations. Our highly trained staff takes care of enrollment with Medicare, Medicaid and commercial health insurance providers. We monitor and follow up with insurers to make certain you are always up to date and certified.

Physician Training

PMB trains physicians on compliance coding, documentation and reimbursement issues. Our training eliminates a layer of processing, enhancing cash flow and compliance accountability. You see the patient therefore you understand the underlying medical necessity of your services. We provide a full array of compliance control, training, support processes and audit options to help facilitate maximum compliance within your billing system. We make sure you are reimbursed appropriately for revenue you earn.

Practice Management Reports

Just as you need good data to diagnose a patient, you need reliable, meaningful information to evaluate the business condition of your practice. Our full time data analyst will provide comprehensive financial reports for you highlighting strategic trend data. This information enables you to examine your practice to optimize revenue and minimize risk.

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